Online Apprenticeship training



Nationally accredited apprenticeship training online.

Yes, all training online and you never have to go to College.

Undoubtedly, this has caused a few eye brows to raise. The learning is just as good, if not better than conventional training and most young people like the personal, one-on-one training.

Meet Josh,  a third year spray painter apprentice from Broken Hill,  NSW.

His employer was disheartened with the system and the requirement to send

his apprentices over 500 km to Adelaide for training.  

Josh has never left the workshop for training.  

He regularly meets his trainer online to review his workbooks,  gap training

and to analyse his progress in the workplace.  

Both Josh and his boss can be contacted for a reference 

Fundamentally, the online training is the same as onsite training except that we meet online.


Training overview:

In the past it took hours or even weeks to develop skills such as welding, file finishing and so on. It made sense to send the apprentices to college where these skills could be developed. But, with today’s welding- and other tools and equipment, far fewer skills are required and most apprentices learn, for example welding, on the job long before it is covered in college. The trade has gone through enormous changes. However, not much has changed in the delivering of training.

To stay with the welding example, what the apprentice really needs, is a good understanding of the different welding options available today. What can and what cannot be welded. This knowledge is as important as the practical ability to weld. If the wrong welding method is used, the vehicle could fail with enormous consequences in a accident.

To gain this vital knowledge, an apprentice does not have to go to college and no amount of welding practice will boost this knowledge.

This is just one example to demonstrate that our trade is no longer a skill trade. It is now a knowledge trade and knowledge today is more important than skills. Unfortunately, most training providers have not realised this and still duplicate what most apprentices already have learned at work.

Based on our studies and research into learning, the ideal environment for an apprentice is the real workshop where productive work is performed, coupled with self-paced study time and regular, short theory lessons where the fundamentals, underpinning knowledge and the reasons why, are explored and explained, give the best learning results and this is in principle what our education is based on.

We coordinate our training with the learning in the workplace, so the apprentice learns faster. Even better results can be achieved if the apprentice is teamed up with a workplace mentor and we are happy to assist to get the best result for you and your apprentice.

We see our role as coach and aim to maximise each person’s potential. This is not an easy way out!! This is not copying answers from one book to another. This training is designed to challenge a student’s thinking and in doing so, developing these highly priced transferable skills.


How is the online training conducted:

Essentially the training is very similar except that there are no visits and we meet online instead. Two thirds of the theory training is conducted in the first two years when it is most needed and the apprentice is not yet very productive on the floor.

The training is a combination of:

      • Practical, everyday work on the floor.
      • Self-paced learning, in the workplace or at home.
      • One-on-one reviewing of assigned work via mobile phone or internet.
      • One-on-one gap training via mobile phone or internet.
      • Live online training sessions (CrashChat) in groups via the internet.
      • Student Support


For the “self-paced learning” we have developed workbooks with questions that students have to research and tasks to develop their skills. We use the latest training resources: “Auto Body Repair Technology” by Paul Uhrina and James E. Duffy, and this website with learning resources, many links to industry publications and videos.

We meet once a month online via SKYPE or similar technology to review the assigned work and to provide gap training. In some instances more sessions are required.


A very important part of our training is the “reviewing of the assigned work” to identify knowledge gaps. “Gap training” addresses only the individual learning needs. This form of education is very time efficient. Apprentices are very responsive to this kind of training because it is tailored to them only and learning times can be reduced considerably.


CrashChat“, live online training sessions are very popular with the apprentices because of the visual content and the ability to talk in real time with the trainer and peers. In addition, it appears to be more suited for students with low attention and reading skills.

Experience has shown that most students learn more and faster in a given time with this system.

Session times are between 1 and 2 hours and can be accessed from any computer with internet access.

There is one or two sessions per quarter (3 months) depending on the year level of the apprentice.


Student Support” is available “everyday, any reasonable hour”. Students can ring their trainer (phone, mobile phone, text, email) and he will respond as soon as possible.

It is the combination of all these components, the self-paced learning, the individual reviewing of assigned work, gap training, CrashChat and the individual student support that enhance a deeper learning and ultimately make a better and more informed tradesperson.

The advantage for employers is minimal interruption as the apprentice can access these sessions from a work computer and does not have to leave the workshop at all.


Apprenticeships online

Apprenticeship training online is currently available for:

      • Panel beaters (Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology AUR 32116)
      • Spray painters (Certificate III in Automotive Refinishing Technology AUR 32416)


Loan computers:

We realise that not all shops have computers available for their apprentices and the office needs the phone line for their day-to-day business.

We have a limited number of student computers available. A fully refundable deposit is needed in the value of the unit. The employer needs to provide access to the internet via a blue LAN cable or Wi-Fi. The computers will be used to access CrashChat, and Skype and for the one-on-one gap training. In this way the training does not interfere with business activities.


Course cost:

Apprenticeship/Traineeship training is generally funded by the State Government. Your local AAC (Australian Apprentice Centre) will be able to give you the most current details. However, there is a Government requirement for an apprentice to pay “Student Contribution Fees” also known as “Tuition Fees” directly to the training provider (the same as TAFE or any other government funded training provider). Depending on the State and the chosen competencies, this will be around $300 per year (Concessions are available).
A refundable deposit of $150 for the training book is charged after the probation time.


How to enrol:

To enrol in this course, find a suitable employer first.
We suggest your employer contacts us to discuss the various training options available and we will guide them through the signing up process.
Alternatively, an employer can contact an AAC (Australian Apprentice Centre) of their choice. They will sign up the apprentice and you choose the Automotive Academy as your preferred training provider.
Currently we have funding arrangements in Qld but can apply for other States on request.


More information: For more information email or contact us on 07 4054 2990



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